Vision & Mission

Hight Precision

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Award Winning

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Environment Friendy

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Vision & Mission


To influence political will and strong bureaucratic support to take India at par with developed countries. To motivate, prepare and support creative leaders in the field of Trade and Commerce. here is a strong need to promote entrepreneurial culture more vigorously in India. The young entrepreneurs need to be made aware that though there is stiff competition yet policies are being framed with certain facilities so that the start-ups can take off with quite an ease and without bureaucratic hurdles.


1. Development of Entrepreneurship 2. Integration of Entrepreneurs 3. International business partnership 4. Growth and transformation of educational knowledge 5. To protect the interests of business community as a whole. 6. To develop a sense of cooperation among their members. 7. To collect and supply useful information to the members. 8. Awards and Recognitions